April 08, 2016

All You Need To Know About Indemnity Insurance Quote

Most people consider Indemnity Insurance a complex area, which it is to some extent. In any case, policy wordings can vary quite fundamentally since different professions will have different needs. This is why it is important to learn more about indemnity insurance and its quotes.


What is it? is a cover designed to protect those in the professional industry and are exposed to risks due to mistakes, negligence, misjudgements and errors among other reasons-in fact, any action taken in your professional life that negatively impacts your clients should be covered by your quote.


Who needs it?

The types of freelances, professionals or businesses that need this form on insurance are those that work more conceptual for customers. Although they may not be physically endangering the third parties, they pose an intellectual or financial risk to their clients.


A good example is when a client is duped into believing a woefully misjudged advertisement campaign which in turn causes great offense to the public and results in a great drop in sales for the client. Or an estate agent who assures clients a property that’s double glazed when it is not. There is a long list of potential mistakes in the industries that’s related to human error. Such mistakes should always be covered in an indemnity policy quote.


What should it include?

Now that you know what indemnity insurance is, it is right to know what your quote should include. If you have a professional business, it is important that you consider carefully the work you do before you consider getting a new indemnity insurance quote. This means that you should think of any potential accident or shortcoming that’s likely to affect your work. The quote you receive should then be able to cover all the mistakes. Generally, a good insurance quote should be able to cover the following:


  • Loss or damage of documents
  • Omission, error or negligence
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights by accident
  • Accidental misuse of information
  • Breach of confidence or confidential duty by accident


Your insurance provider should be able to work with you and provide a more flexible and thorough option in case you feel the indemnity insurance quote you have received leaves you exposed. If you aren’t confident with your provider, you can always do a little more research for top providers who offer transparent and flexible approach which makes an insurance quote great. There is always a good quote out there.


June 05, 2015

How to Choose Your Professional Indemnity Insurance

professionalindemnitysinuranceInsurance is always a complex deal as you will usually find words (jargons) that are hard to understand. Take for instance Professional Indemnity Insurance. What we usually know about this insurance is that it is essential for professionals and businesses that provide professional services to clients. However, there are deeper elements within this type of insurance that you need to understand so you are able to make the most out of the insurance protection you buy.

Here are a few terms you will encounter with Professional Indemnity Insurance that you need to understand:

Claims Made – the policies of this insurance are executed on claims made basis. Basically, what this means is that as long as your professional indemnity insurance policy is active, any claim made against you regardless of the time the work was carried out will be covered by your insurance policy.

Retroactive Date – since the insurance policy is written on claims made basis, the current company you are insurance with is the one liable for the claims being made today even if the work was made in the past. Your policy will have a retroactive date affixed with which the insurer is potentially liable. Claims made prior to the retroactive date, however, will not be covered by the insurance policy.

Civil Liability and/or Negligence – there are policies that will indemnify you only if the claims made against you are on acts of negligence. Civil liability on the other hand is written on a much broader spectrum and will only cover claims that arise from: breach of professional duty, libel or slander, employee dishonesty, loss or damage to valuable documents, unintentional confidentiality breach, and unintentional intellectual property infringement.

Limit of Indemnity – it is important to know this because this will essentially be the maximum amount that your insurance will pay out for any claims made under your insurance. You also need to know if the limit of indemnity is ‘aggregate’ or ‘any one claim.’ Aggregate is the maximum the insurance will pay for an entire insurance period. Any one claim is the limit the insurer will pay for any single claim.

As mentioned earlier, the coverage of Professional Indemnity Insurance can be confusing which is why when getting this type of insurance, make sure that you do your research about it along with its supposed coverage. Also before buying the policy itself, make sure to shop around by asking insurance agents or insurance brokers to give you a Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote so you can make the necessary comparisons you need before you buy your PI policy.

February 21, 2015

Why it’s Better to Get Your Auto Insurance from Brokers

lethbridgecarIf you are not familiar with the processes involved in getting auto insurance for your car, you should know that the different offerings can be quite confusing.  The truth is that no one can really tell if they were intended that way, or that certain legalities necessitate the formulation of difficult-to-understand phrases and paragraphs for the uninitiated.  Nevertheless, auto insurance is nowadays mandatory so you are mostly obliged to get one for your car as a prerequisite when renewing your car registration.

There are actually many different policies for different types of coverage.  The assortment of these policies oftentimes makes it difficult to know which is more suited for your needs.  While there aren’t really any defined lines on how much or how little auto insurance policy you can carry, what is important though is that you are able to get the necessary protection for your car.  You would not want to be under-insured or over-insured when buying your auto insurance.  It is crucial that you only get the most suitable type of auto insurance that is in relation to your type of driving needs or habits.

When buying insurance, the first thing that comes to mind is to go to an insurance company that provides the type of insurance you are looking for – which in this case is auto insurance.  The thing is that when you go to an insurance company, the person who will assist you will be an insurance agent, and these people are only intent in selling you the insurance and not really educate you.  In truth, they do not even really know what it is they are truly selling as all their manner of explaining are based on a script they have been taught and not really finding what the best and most suitable type of auto insurance is for you.

If you are going to buy insurance, it is best that you go to an insurance broker.  Lethbridge auto insurance broker or brokers are people who are highly knowledgeable on insurance matters.  If you go to them, a Lethbridge insurance broker will be able to explain to you the differences between different policies.  Since they are not employees of a particular insurance company but more of affiliates of different insurance companies, they can provide you with sound and educated advice based on your regular driving scenarios.  This in essence will allow you to acquire the most ideal auto insurance policy based on your needs.